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Moondaughter's Madness
A Trip Through Wolfie's Head

Wolfen Moondaughter
Moment in time: 2012-08-07 11:08
Subject: (PG-13) Sneak peek at my new Hunt for the Shadowmakers homoerotic novella, "Keltair's Ride" ....
Security: Public
Tags:dulaine, gaiankind, hunt for the shadowmakers, keltair, slash, writing, yaoi

"There he is!"

Keltair might have mistaken the rumble behind him for thunder, if he hadn't already known he was being tailed by several of the iron-clad town guard. Keltair shook his head. How could they expect to catch anyone, announcing their approach like that? Lucky for them, he was feeling too lazy to run—and wasn't particularly worried about being apprehended.

He surrendered when two of the squad drew near, letting them lead him out of the shadows of an alley to stand before their superior officer. As he stepped into the dying daylight, his captors exchanged delighted grins; Keltair wasn't sure if they did so because they could now see his motely clothes and the bells on his hood, or because they liked his face.

"If you want a performance, good fellows, you have only to ask," Keltair told them flirtatiously, holding up three jugglers' balls that he'd "conjured" out of thin air.

The captain didn't look nearly as amused as his men. "Strip him!"

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 You can buy the rest by going to my site: gk.wolfenm.com/shadowmakers.php
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Wolfen Moondaughter
Moment in time: 2012-06-21 20:49
Subject: Belated Merry Solstice/Litha! And an interesting day at the water park ....
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Tags:pagan, religion

Belated Merry Solstice/Litha to my fellow pagans! Man, it caught me off-guard this year! XD I was thinking it was today -- and given some stuff that happened today, it would have been appropriate. XD (Warning to my Christian friends -- you may not care for this entry ...)

First, I saw two feral cats in the water park -- I mention that simply because it's extremely unusual.

Then ...

...Collapse )

That wasn't the end of the day, though! A bit later, I was passing one of the river exits and spotted a plastic bag floating in front of me. I grabbed it, figuring to give it to the upcoming lifeguard, when I realized it had money in it. I quickly looked back at the exit I'd just passed; there, I spotted a man facing away from me and frantically feeling the sides of his swimsuit. I called out, "Sir, did you lose this?" He turned, saw the bag in my hand, looked very relieved, and collected it from me. Lucky for him I'm a pagan with good moral fibre. ;)

On the way home, I got a nice, if brief, glimpse of a hawk as it landed off to the side of the road. A good day. J

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Wolfen Moondaughter
Moment in time: 2011-01-04 23:36
Subject: Fanfic: Tangled: In Knots (PG)
Security: Public
Tags:disney, eugene fitzherbert, fanfic, flynn rider, rapunzel, tangled, writing
Rating: PG
Genres/Themes: Character Study (Flynn-centric), Drama, Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection, Fluffy, Missing Scenes, Tag
Relationships Featured: Flynn/Rapunzel (romantic), Flynn/Max (friendship), Rapunzel/King/Queen/Flynn (family)
Spoilers: Disney's Tangled
Length: A little over 21,000 words / about 42 pages, in four parts.
Notes: Starts shortly before the end of the film.
Summary: Can Rapunzel's hero acclimate to his new situation, or will he have to leave her?

Read it at deviantART.
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Wolfen Moondaughter
Moment in time: 2010-09-26 22:16
Subject: Vampire Diaries Fanfic: Brothers
Security: Public
Tags:damon salvatore, fanfic, vampire diaries
Rating: PG-13 (nothing worse than you've seen on the TV show)
Genre/Themes: Angst (Damon), Redemption (Damon), Suicidal Thoughts (Damon), Character Study (Damon — are we seeing a pattern here?), Hurt/Comfort (Damon comforted by Stefan, non-slash), Brotherhood (Damon/Stefan, Damon/Jeremy), Unrequited Love (Damon for Elena, Damon for Katherine), episode tag/missing scenes. And a teensy bit of Elena/Stefan and Jeremy/Anna shippage.
Length: A little under 7500 words.
Spoilers: mostly for 1.22 ("Founder's Day") & 2.1 ("The Return"), the latter of which this contains missing scenes and a tag for.

Read the fic here.
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Wolfen Moondaughter
Moment in time: 2010-05-28 22:22
Subject: Movieverse!Iron Man Fic: Belongings
Security: Public
listening to:"The Futurist", Robert Downey Jr
Tags:fanfic, iron man

Rating: PG-14, for (non-graphic) sexual situations
Genres/Themes: Angst, Romance (Tony Stark/Pepper Potts), Character Study (Tony, Pepper, Rhodey, and JARVIS), mild Hurt/Comfort (physical and emotional), Fluff, Humor, heavy Introspection, Friendship (Tony/Rhodey, Tony/JARVIS, Rhodey/JARVIS, Pepper/Natalie, Rhodey/Pepper, Pepper/Happy)
Spoilers: Iron Man (film) and, most especially, Iron Man 2.
Summary: a tag to Iron Man 2, filling the gap of what happened slight spoiler hereCollapse )
Length: 2 chapters, about 10,000 words
Notes: This fic is unrelated to my other Movieverse!Iron Man tags, "Aftermath" and "Homecoming".

Snippet: behind a cut so as not to spoil people who have me on their flist for the filmCollapse )
Read it at my site or at deviantART.
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Wolfen Moondaughter
Moment in time: 2010-03-21 17:20
Subject: Supernatural ficlet: Golfing Lesson (PG-13)
Security: Public
Tags:castiel, dean winchester, fanfic, sam winchester, supernatural
Title: Golfing Lesson
Rating: PG-13 (basically, nothing worse than what you've seen on the show)
Genre/Themes: Humour, Horror
Warning: Monster violence, somewhat gorey.
: none
Notes: A friend asked me to come play in a Supernatural RPG with her -- they needed a Castiel. I had to submit a writing sample, and this is what I came up with.
: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, the angel Castiel, and Supernatural ©/TM Eric Kripke / Kripke Enterprises / Warner Bros. / The CW


Read the fic ....Collapse )

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Wolfen Moondaughter
Moment in time: 2010-01-18 20:44
Subject: Site moved!
Security: Public

I've decided it was high time I get my own server space, now that I don't have other bills hanging over my head. :) If there was a site or page of mine that you liked and/or linked to, check out my site hub at wolfenm.com to find where it is now! :) Or, if you can't find it, ask me here!
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Wolfen Moondaughter
Moment in time: 2009-12-10 14:46
Subject: Dollhouse: I'm Dreaming of a Quiet Active
Security: Public
Tags:dollhouse, filk, song, topher
A silly little Dollhouse filk set to "White Christmas".
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Wolfen Moondaughter
Moment in time: 2009-12-07 11:01
Subject: Dollhouse Love @ Tart!
Security: Public
Tags:dollhouse, fran kranz, sequential tart, topher, writing
The new ish of Sequential Tart is up, and with it, my reviews of Dollhouse eps 2.5 "The Public Eye" and 2.6 "The Left Hand", and my article on Five Reasons I Watch Dollhouse! Pass it on! :D
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Wolfen Moondaughter
Moment in time: 2009-12-04 23:18
Subject: Fanart: Fran Kranz as Link, of the Legend of Zelda
Security: Public
Tags:fanart, fran kranz, link, zelda
Fran Kranz has said that he would love to play Link in a movie, so I did this as a present for him, to thank him for his work as Topher on Dollhouse. Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size image at deviantART:

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